Performing Arts Centre Production – Guidance Notes

1.   PRE-SHOW MEETING:  In order to ensure the smooth running of your event and to adhere strictly to all legislative requirements, a meeting will be arranged between the hirer, our technical staff and a member of the Hospitality Team. This meeting will take place at least two weeks prior to your event.

2.  STEWARDS:  The Centre will supply the statutory requirement of stewards for Health and Safety in addition to the Fire Regulations.
It is important to remind all helpers, ticket controllers and seat stewards that they may not enter the auditorium at will, nor will they or any other member of the public be allowed to stand in any entrance or on any stairway during the show. All helpers, whether paid or not, shall be deemed as temporary staff of the venue and as such will be directed by the Centre’s Front of House Manager or Head Steward.

3.  CATERING:  No intoxicating liquor or food shall be sold, supplied or brought on the Premises except under licence held by the Catering Manager or other properly appointed representative of Hinchingbrooke. Paying tea, coffee and licensed bars will be available throughout the production. Arrangements can be made for a paying snack bar to be available during rehearsals. Under special circumstances, permission may be given, by the Catering Manager, for own packed lunches to be bought in by individuals for consumption during rehearsals in designated areas. In this case the hirer will undertake cleaning of tables and disposal of rubbish. The hirer will then incur a charge if this is not carried out. If required, Hinchingbrooke can provide filled rolls. However, if we do not sell the required amount of rolls, you will be invoiced 50 pence per roll to cover production costs. Please note if Hinchingbrooke provide a coffee bar and filled rolls, then under no circumstances are packed lunches to be consumed on the premises.
Under no circumstances can hot take-away food be brought onto the premises.

Food and drink is not permitted in the auditorium and these rules will be strictly adhered to, except in the case of disabled patrons when the Front of House Manager will make the necessary arrangements.
If catering is to be provided by Hinchingbrooke, then under no circumstances is it permitted to bring in any means of refreshments (including kettle).

4.  LICENCES:  It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the following licences have been obtained, if applicable. You may be asked to produce these at any time by the appropriate authorities.

Performing Right Society (PRS): for the playing of manuscript music
Phonographic Performance (PPL)ltd: for the playing of commercially available recorded music
Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS): for the re-recording of music in actuality by means of audio and/or video recording devices.
Radio communications Agency. The venue already holds an exclusive radio Frequency licence. No other radios to be used/hired.

Under the conditions of the license issued by the Local Authority, the opening times are:
Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 00:30
Sunday 10:00 - 00:00

Licensing hours are:
Monday to Saturday 11:00 - 23:00
Sunday 12:00 - 22:30
Bank Holidays 12:00 - 22:30

5.  VIDEO RECORDING:  If you are arranging to have your show video recorded, professional videographers will have the required licence. You should advise him/her that he/she will be under the direction of the Management and not the hirer. He/she will not be permitted to run trailing cables, use additional lighting or stand in such a way as to obstruct any exit with him/herself or any equipment. Similarly, he/she may not obstruct the view of any member of the audience. A sound feed can be supplied and a position in the control room made available by prior arrangement. Under the terms of his/her licence sales of videos will be limited to performers and their families. The venue also holds a licence for this purpose as issued by the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd). Private video recorders and still cameras may not be used during any performance.

6.  SEATING: It is a requirement of the venue that numbered seating will be utilised. The venue will print the required tickets upon written (or e-mailed) receipt of the details.  Details required are: Name of company presenting the show; name of show; Price of Standard and Concession/child, date(s) and time(s) of performance(s) .The venue will supply a seating plan for these numbered seats. This information is required at least 7 days prior to your proposed selling date. Pushchairs cannot be catered for. The venue reserves the right to refuse admission to children who are under four years of age. It is not permitted for children to sit on parent/carers laps during a performance. The Hospitality Office (01480 375678) needs to be notified of the final ticket sales three days before your event. For dance productions and plays this will be no more than 258; concerts 450; seminars, talks and business meetings, no more than 600. Full floor and gallery plans can be supplied on request for set and lighting designs.

7.  BOX OFFICE:  Hinchingbrooke can provide a Box Office service on behalf of the client for a fee of £225.00 or 7% commission on all sales made, whichever is the greater. The Box Office opening hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm. Every effort is made to ensure all calls are answered. However during busy periods a voicemail system operates.

8.  NAKED FLAMES/SMOKING:  Hinchingbrooke is governed by County Council Regulations. Smoking is prohibited throughout the building. Prior notice has to be given at the pre-show meeting if candles or pyrotechnic effects are intended to be used. Consent then has to be given by the appropriate authority.

9.  HEALTH AND SAFETY: The Health and Safety liability cannot be passed to the hirer nor will the hirer or agents of the hirer be allowed to ‘take over’ the Venue. Information concerning the use of video cameras and copyright is also broadcast to the foyer. If you intend to use strobe lighting effects during any part of the performance, this must be published in the programme.

10.  CHAPERONES:  Hirers/Event Organisers are required to supply Chaperones/Supervisors for groups of children. A child is a person under the age of 16 years. Groups of children cannot, under any circumstances be left unsupervised e.g. in a waiting or changing room, whilst others are performing in a room elsewhere. It is required that there be two adults for the first twelve children and a ratio of 1 to 12, thereafter. If the group is of mixed gender then there must be both men and women as supervising staff. These guidelines must be strictly adhered to for the safety of the children attending the function. Organisers should be aware that there are strict, nationally laid down guidelines for working with children and Hinchingbrooke must assume that organisers are familiar with such guidelines and operate within their bounds (see point 14 below).

11.  INSURANCE:    The Hirer is liable for any damage caused to the premises by themselves or their party. It is a necessity that you take out Public Liability Insurance to the sum of £5,000,000. (Please see leaflet enclosed with booking forms) www.events-insurance.co.uk

12.  RAFFLES:       It is permitted for raffles to be run. However if raffle tickets are sold in advance of the day of the performance the raffle must be licensed. If tickets are sold on the day of the performance, to those people attending and the organisers, a licence is not necessary. As Raffles can take a very long time, it is preferred to make the draw during the interval and make arrangements to collect prizes after the show, thus keeping breakables out of the Auditorium. The Centre is a fully licensed premise and therefore alcoholic drinks may be given in the raffle.

13.  ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT:  All electrical equipment to be connected to the electricity supply shall have a current test certificate and label, in order to ensure the safety of persons who may come into contact with the equipment and the permanent electrical installation.

The Hirer or agent of the Hirer shall provide a portable 30mA RCD (an earth leakage circuit breaker) suitable for use with a 13A socket. All the electrical installation shall be supplied through the earth leakage circuit breaker.
Trailing flexes must be protected against damage and secured or covered to minimise the risk of persons tripping and consequent damage to equipment and terminations. Joints shall not be made in cables, except by proprietary connectors. Conductor connections shall be within an enclosure with degree of protection IP4X and which provides cable/cord anchorage.
The Hirer or agent of the Hirer, shall be aware of how to isolate the stall electricity supply in an emergency.
All circuits must be protected against overcurrent by a suitable fuse or circuit breaker. Lighting fittings must be firmly fixed and so sited as to prevent risk of injury to persons or ignition of materials. Insulating piercing lamp holders shall not be used unless the cable and lampholder are compatible and providing the lamp holders are not removable once fitted to the cable. Electrical discharge lamps with a voltage exceeding 240v shall not be used.
An adequate number of socket outlets shall be provided by the hirer or agent of the hirer, to allow his/her requirements to be met safely. No more than one flexible cord shall be connected to one plug. Multiway plug-in adapters shall not be used. The use of portable trailing block multiple way sockets shall be restricted to one per fixed socket outlet and have a maximum cord length of 2m from plug to trailing block.
Care shall be taken to ensure existing emergency signs, routes and alarm points are not obstructed or impeded.
The hirer or agent of the hirer, shall visually check all electrical cables, flexible cords and equipment for damage after erection.

14.  LEGAL OBLIGATION: Please see links below for the guidelines for legal obligations regarding Chaperones and Video Recording.
1.    Chaperones Aug2006.pdf

2.    Children in Entertainment Licensing Aug06.pdf

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