Fire procedures and emergency evacuation

The Hirer or responsible person for the function at Hinchingbrooke should:

Familiarise themselves with the House / Performing Arts Centre and the evacuation procedures as listed below and pass all relevant information to delegates/candidates. In the the event of evacuation agree the assembly point in accordance with the yellow fire drill notice which is situated on the wall of every room in the building.

If a fire is discovered break the glass of the nearest fire alarm.

Fire extinguishers are placed throughout the premises but are only for 'first aid' (first stage) fire fighting. The main function is to evacuate the building. the Fire Service will put out the fire.

In the event of a fire the alarm will sound. A continuous alarm bell will sound ONLY in the building where the alarm has been activated.

On hearing this alarm, you must evacuate immediately and follow the procedures set out below.

The aim is to evacuate the buildings as quickly as possible and to check that the buildings are empty. When the alarm sounds, the building must be evacuated via the nearest fire exit to the agreed assembly point. (House - Croquet Lawn, PAC - Bus Bays.) Note that this will be an initial assembly point and guests/delegates may be required to move further away from this point.

Delegates may only move back into the buildings when the alarm has stopped ringing and an 'all clear' message has been relayed to the assembly point. The Fire Service will declare that the buildings are safe to re-enter.

This system of Emergency Evacuation has been checked by the Fire Service. The emphasis is on the checking of buildings as a first priority.

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