Portrait of Omai

Making of "Cromwell - Warts and All"

Brians Upstairs Downstairs

Filming at Hinchingbrooke

Hinchingbrooke House is a Tudor Country House, Built around an early 13th Century Nunnery, handed over to the Cromwell family at the dissolution and passing in the 17th Century to the Montagus, The Earls of Sandwich.

The House began as a Benedictine nunnery and was given to Richard Cromwell by Henry VIII in 1538. Queen Elizabeth I came here, King James I was a regular visitor and it was at Hinchingbrooke that the young Oliver Cromwell spent part of his childhood. The house was already an old building when Samuel Pepys wrote in 1661: “The House is most excellently furnished, and brave rooms, and good pictures, so that it doth please me infinitely beyond Audley End”.

After the sixteenth century conversion by the Cromwell family, the House passed to the Montagu family, soon to become the Earls of Sandwich. The family played an important part in the Civil War and the Restoration under the first earl and his descendant, the fourth Earl, (‘inventor’ of the snack named after him), was one of the more colourful politicians during the 18th Century.

There is therefore architectural evidence from Norman times to early 20th Century, including the skeletons of two nuns and family portraits throughout the building, which has provided an interesting location for filming.


Recent productions include:-

BBC 2 Imagine Series
with Alan Yentob
A Portrait of Omai
BBC Scotland - Cromwell
Cromwell - Warts and All
ITV Anglia Imago Productions
Bryan’s Upstairs Downstairs
Extreme Make Overs
Filming September 2005


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