H I N C H I N G B R O O K E    P E R F O R M I N G    A R T S    C E N T R E


Technical Specification

Full Floor Plan of Building (.pdf) plus dimensions
Dimesions of Performance area
Audience seating Plan
Tab drops (.pdf)
Risk Assessments

grid plan 1
grid plan 2

ETC Element console soft patched to a 168 - 15amp (2kW) gallery outlets. All lantern adjustments and focusing by way of easy access gantry and walkway system.

Generic Lantern stock:
See attached sheet. (below)

Intelligent Lantern Stock:

4 off Chauvet Q Spot
4 off Chauvet R2 Rogue
4 off Martin 812 Roboscan
4 off Martin Mac 250+ Moving Yoke (indexed gobo)
6 off 'Gel-Stream' Colour Changers attached to Cantata F lanterns –
Lee Nos.  101 Yellow, 153 Pale Salmon, 176 Loving Amber, 105 Orange, 106 Primary Red, 139 Primary Green, 124 Dark Green, 141 Bright Blue, 343 Special Medium Lavender, 126 Mauve, 130 Clear.

1 off Sanyo XP 2000, 7000 lumen video/data projector, installed.
2 off Hitachi CPX960 video/data projector.

B Gobos


Main Console:
Allen & Heath Qu32 digital desk with dSNAKE remote audio port
Allen & Heath GL3300-824D with GL3300-8GD Group Output adapter.
32 channel console (16 mono, 8 stereo), 24 fader, 8 Sub-Group Faders, 2 masters, 8 Aux send (pre-post switchable).
Inputs via two 6-way wall stage boxes. Outputs via two 2-way stage boxes.

Media Players/Recorders:
1x Teac CD P1120 Disc player in.
1x Denon DCD 660 Disc player in.
1x Tascam DA-30 Digital Audio Tape in/out.
1x Denon DN1100 Professional Mini disk in/out.
1x Teac MD-5 Mini disk in.

Radio Microphone stock:
6 x Sennheiser EM1031-V VHF. handheld transmitters (173.800, 174.100, 174.500, 175.000, 176.400, 177.000).
2 x AKG SR40 UHF Radio microphone receiver. Available with 2 lavaliere transmitters.
16 x UHF Sennheiser lavallière or head worn

Cable Microphone stock:
2 x AKG C747 Comb.
4 - 6 x Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun (installed around auditorium).
4 x Beyer vocals.
9 x Shure SM58.
3 x Spirit dynamic.

Main PA:
Front Group via GL3300 L&R and Matrix A&B outputs to 2x C-Audio RA2001 into 2 pairs Bose 802. Processed via Yamaha Q2031A Graphic Equalizer, Behringer DSP 1124P Feedback Destroyer, Behringer MDX 4400 Multicom Pro Compressor/Limiter & Bose 802-C System Controller.
Rear Group via GL3300 7&8 Group output to 1x C-Audio RA3001 into 1 pair Bose 802. Processed via Yamaha Q2031A Graphic Equalizer, Behringer DSP 1124P Feedback Destroyer, Behringer MDX 4400 Multicom Pro Compressor/Limiter & Bose 802-C System Controller.

Hard-of-Hearing system:
PDA 1000/2 Induction Loop Amplifier sourced via Alesis 12R sub-mixer and Spirit microphone.

100V Paging system:
Front of House public address by Quad 100V line system.
Back stage paging by Quad 100V line system.

2x Powered Wedge monitor.
2x JBL EON Powered 15 Loudspeaker.
1x Yamaha GQ1031C Graphic Equaliser.

Stage management/Control communication:
Canford Audio Techpro System (PS711). 8x Mobile Belt-pack connected by permanently wired sockets - (3 to main hall, 3 to control room and one to gantry) or by "daisy chaining". TOA stage monitor over lighting desk. Internal telephones to control room, scene dock, male dressing room, female dressing room, office near green room, kitchen, bar and upper office.  (External access by arrangement).
External telephone to control room.

Stage equipment
Merricks Sico staging units.  Sixteen 8ft x 4ft available in any configuration and adjustable to 3 heights; all to 750mm, half to 600mm and half to 900mm.
Safety rails to suit.
Le Maitre G150 smoke machine.
3 low smoke machines.

Floor to grid height (tab drop) approx 6.0m.  Floor to lighting bars 7.00m.  Stage plan and lighting grid plan available.

Lantern Stock Holding:

Strand Cantata F*  (T/29 - 1200W) 19(6 used with scrollers)
Strand Cantata PC*  (T/29 - 1200W) 24 
Strand Cantata 18/32°  (T/29 - 1200W)20(2 as follow spots)
Strand Cantata 11/26°  (T/29 - 1200W)4
Strand Prélude 16/30°  (T/29 - 6500W)18 
Strand Prélude F (T/29 - 6500W)12 
Strand Coda 500/3  (K1 - 500W)3 
Strand Nocturne 1k (K4 - 1000W)2 
Strand Pattern 23  (T/1 - 500W)6 
Strand Pattern 60  (500W GES) 6 
ParCan 64 (CP60/61/62/95 - 1000W)  54 (4 used for full house)
Thomas Floor Can (CP60/61/62/95 - 1000W)6 
ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom 25/50°10 
ETC Source 4 750 4/26° 2 
Pulsar Par 36 Pin spot 2 
High output (400W) UV gun (cannon)2 
Pulsar 'Monster' stroboscope (180W @ 16f/s)1 

All lanterns complete with hook clamp, safety chain, gel frame and barn doors* where applicable.  Spare lamps available for all above stock.  House lights not included in above list. (Mostly Patt. 23 and 60 with 4 off ParCan 64 used for full house.)